Tips & Inspiration


What size deck do you need?

How many people will be on your decking? How often will you be using your deck? What is the size of your space to use?

As a general guide for a basic yard I recommend your deck should be big enough to fit a table with room to walk around and another spot to put your bbq! But there are no set rules.

How high or low should my deck be?

Here we are governed by legislation so site excavation may be required if your deck is too low to the ground. But if there are views we would want to go higher to maximise these.

Do I need Council Approval?

Most decks attached to a house will require council approval. We can guide you through the process.


Some decks and backyards will unfortunately lack privacy from the neighbours, consider a privacy screen around your deck to keep the neighbours eyes well away.


Again we are governed by legislation and anything over 1 meter in height needs a handrail, but we can install these if lower too. There are a range of options available. Stainless Steel balustrade is a popular choice and we have installed many of these.


Most of us entertain at night so making the most of lighting is an important feature. Our electricians can put lighting in the deck itself with small sleek lighting systems, or update the home lighting onto the deck to maximise usage.

BBQ’s & Kitchens

Every deck needs a bbq, so why not get it built in? We can custom make a bbq stand with benchtop to suit your own bbq or we can even go that one step further and have everything connected to the mains by our licenced plumbers.


Consider a pergola to cover your deck to allow you to entertain when the weather isn’t the best.

Outdoor Fans & Heaters

With our licenced plumbers and electricians we can install these for your deck and outdoor entertainment area, or even consider the free standing options.

Outdoor Blinds

Why not enclose your deck and pergola and create an outdoor room. Good quality custom PVC Blinds can create a wonderful room, you will be surprised how good they are at keeping the elements out. A feature I highly recommend

Other Timbers

Everyone wants to use Merbau, it is a proven hardwood and cost effective but did you know there are heaps more you can choose from. Prices vary but the WOW factor from other timbers is wonderful. Consider Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Silvertop Ash and Composites